A game of cat and mouse

Harry is sitting next to his mother in the shoe section of a giant department store. It’s the first time he’s been allowed to sit down all day as he’s spent most of it being dragged round the different departments. It was all so very boring. Except the hat section that had been fun. His mum had told him off a lot but nothing serious. But now he was sat down for the first time he started feeling pretty tired and a little bit sleepy. But being pretty tired and a little bit sleepy couldn’t explain what he saw next. A large mouse and a small cat were fighting over a piece of cheese. The thing that struck Harry immediately as odd was that they were fighting with swords.

Harry quickly hopped off of his seat and ran over to the skirting board. He knelt down beside them and simply said, “Wow!”

But soon his “Wow” turned into “Ow” as the cat accidentally cut him on the knuckles.

“Keep back,” the mouse shouted out, “I’ll defend you”.
“You can talk!” cried Harry.
“You can see us!” cried the Cat.
“And, just think,” said the mouse, “if you could stab him like that then he could stab you back”.

This was clearly such an unsettling thought that the two of them stopped fighting and looked up at him.

“What are you doing here,” asked the mouse?
“I’m shopping,” said Harry.
“But this is a department store,” said the Cat, “boys don’t shop in department stores.”
“No, my mother’s shopping, I’m just with her”.
“But,” said the cat, “that happens all of the time. And the store never lets kids see us.”
“He’s bought something, must have”, said the mouse, “that’s the rule. Kids can’t see us because they don’t buy anything, parents can’t see us because they are never concentrating.”
“But I haven’t bought anything.”
“But you’ve definitely done something different,” said the cat.
“I did, I did try on a hat,” admitted Harry sheepishly.
“Aha!” said the mouse. “That must be it.”
“Incredible,” said the cat, “to think that this hasn’t happened before.”
“Indeed,” said the mouse, “Well I’m afraid I’m going to have to complain to management. What kind of system is it where we can be discovered so simply? Eh?”
“I know, I just can’t believe it. I’ll come with you – I have got to see the look on his face when you tell Cuthbert what’s happened.”
“So, about this cheese,” the mouse said as they started to turn away from Harry and towards a hole in the skirting board.
“Shall we split it?” said the cat?

And with that the cat cut the cheese in half with his sword and gave one half to the mouse, and popped the other half in his mouth. After chewing for a second or two he said, “One half in my mouth, the other half in my mouse” and the mouse and cat started laughing. In fact they didn’t stop laughing until they were well out of sight.

Harry stood up turned around and walked back to the stool next to his mother. He would say something to her – but he was sure she wouldn’t believe him.

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