This morning a guy tried to be a movie star

As my train was attempting leave the station he ran for the closing doors and made it all the way through. The only thing he’d forgotten was the fact that he had a backpack on. Which contrived to get him caught in the doors.

Now I wonder what was going through his mind, other than the obvious, “I hope I can get this bag through the door with me”. But maybe he was thinking that if this had been a movie then right around now the director would be shouting out cut and he would be attempting it again.

But this being real life he had something quite different in store. The platform guard walked over to the door and started to help pushing the bag into to train. While he was doing it the guard was giving the guy a lecture, “maybe next time you’ll stand clear of the doors”. The man could clearly feel the bag coming his way and so he said, “maybe next time you’ll fuck off” and with that he flipped the guard the bird and pulled the bag clear and stepped back expecting to see the doors close and for the train to pull him away from the enraged guard. But once again the movie in his head didn’t turn out the way he had been plotting as the guard had managed to get his hand between the doors just in time and pulled them back open. “That’s the end of your journey mate,” he said as he looked over his shoulder, “can we get security over here I want this guy off”.

And for the rest of my journey I was feeling pleased right had won, wrong had been punished and all was good. Until we got to waterloo and waited for two minutes at the station because none of the people near the door understood that they might have to push a button to open the door. Even after everyone else on the train had explained it to them loudly several times. I feel that guy would have known what he was doing – although based on the kind of day he was having perhaps not.

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