I have a pet lobster called Mike…

He’s a little terror I can tell you.

The main problem with having a pet lobster is that they like to go outside and frolic a lot more that you are probably willing to entertain. When you want to stay in they want to go out, and when you want to go out they want to curl up next to a pat of butter.

It’s very very tricky to deal with, because when they go in and out they like to hold the door open for a long time, I don’t know why they do this, cats don’t do this with a cat flap. They simply must like doing things very very slowly (except when they go for a little clip of your finger, then it’s ultra fast). And the door being open for such a long time means that the temperature in your house drops a lot in the winter and rises a lot in the summer, and this is a terrible terrible thing.

So I have been searching long and hard for a solution to this particular problem, but could I find one? Could I heck fire! Until just this very morning when via e-mail I was sent a picture of the exact thing, apparently it provides two doors which allow the lobster to step through the first door as slowly as it likes, which then seals behind it and then, the lobster steps through the next. The process is repeated the other way around when it comes back in.

I believe the product is called:

…wait for it…

A Lobster Thermos Door.

One thought on “I have a pet lobster called Mike…

  1. fourstar says:

    Truly, truly awful.

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