Last time we’d left them…

… Martha and Paul were at the top of the stairs of Paul’s apartment where he’d invited Martha back to look at his etchings, but the evening had taken a turn for the unexpected when…

Martha took her gun from her purse, pointed it at Paul, and said, “in a very real sense, that’s true”.

If you haven’t read part one then maybe you’d like to:
“I think that’s it for me”

Paul, keeping his cool like a Amcor AMC 10000 Air Conditioning unit*, simply said “If you shoot me then I’ll be dead, and you’ll never see those etchings, those etchings are under lock and key, and you don’t have the key and you don’t even know where the lock is, in fact even if you put that key in that lock which you’d happened to find then you’d still have problems as you’d have to type a sixteen digit code into a box which doesn’t even look like it accepts codes typed into it, and then you’d have to speak into a microphone a special phrase that you don’t know using my voice that you won’t have and then when you finally see those etchings, those etchings that you so desire that you’re willing to kill for them, you won’t understand them because you won’t have me to explain that they have been influenced by a number of great artists that I don’t care to mention right now because if I don’t mention them then you’ll have slightly less reason to kill me. And that, amongst many other reasons, is why you shouldn’t kill me”. And he said all of that before he realised that all of the things that he’d had to say had been a little more complicated than he’d intended at the start of his simple sentence.

Martha lit a cigarette with her gun-shaped lighter, tilted her head back and laughed a laugh which seemed to say “why does it all have to be so complicated”, but actually she said in verse:

“Paul, your etchings sound lovely,
they really do,
but to see them sounds complicated,
so shall we just screw”.

* **

** I honestly haven’t been paid any money by them, I just put “air conditioning unit” into google and clicked on the first link that came up and ranked the resulting units by rating and picked the first one.

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