The blind date is an interesting concept. Will it work?

The blind date is an interesting concept. I believe I may have been on one but I didn’t realise until afterwards.

This might seem a little unlikely unless you include, as I do, meetings of groups of friends with the express purpose of getting one person to meet another person.

I am about to go on one again, not for myself you understand but for somebody else.

You see there is a person, lets call her Cilla, and she has decided to get tow of her friends together. Now I know Cilla and the girl in this prospective couple, but I don’t know the guy.

Now Cilla knows about blind dates and how they work and she believes the best approach is not to get the two together alone and let them go at it. No. She believes that an altogether less pressurised approach is much more satisfactory.

Her suggestion is that a whole load of his friends and a whole load of her friends should meet up and then they won’t notice that everything is focussed on them so much.

Will it work? back for an update soon.

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