A definite improvement she thought

She sits there screaming nothing. No sound. No articulation. Just a mouth stretched open and every muscle in her neck taut. No more words. No way to articulate the problem anymore just pain unending.

But something was starting to feel different. Previously when she had thought that. The last time, the time before that perhaps and every other occasion for the last six month when she had got to the part about “pain unending” she had thought it. And meant it. But this time it was different. She had begun to see an end to it. “The human mind” she thought, “has an amazing ability to heal itself”.

She closed her mouth, her neck muscles relaxed. She chided herself for thinking in clichés. And she started crying. But differently. Before she had cried for him. Or rather for his absence. But this time she cried for herself. The tears came out warm and soft and settled around her neck. Before they were hard and painful and they usually seemed to land a few feet away.

“A definite improvement,” she thought. And she almost smiled.

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