The hair toss is key

Hair is a very odd thing.

I know that’s not really enough. But it’s true.

I’m going to try to avoid observations like: “well it’s dead but we find it attractive”.

Well obviously, rather than avoid them completely I’d rather mention them like I’m not making the observation while still feeling able to actually, you know, mention it.

Hair styles are very cyclical I believe. It’s true in women’s styles and in men’s.

In women’s fashion the ability to do the hair toss is paramount. And in second place is the ability to be different. But only just. It seems that at certain points, and we’re in one now, hair is pretty evenly split (and I’m not talking about split ends – bada boom) between long and short. We have lots of short hair around, and lots of long. But slowly but surely the long hair is starting to win out because of the tair toss. The hair toss is key.

People really like it. Women like to do it. Men like to observe it.

At certain times however too many people can do it. And do it they will. And once everyone is doing it it starts to be less exciting and so it seems to be that people restrict themselves from being even able to do it. And everyone gently shifts to the shorter cut. Well not quite everyone. Some people stick with the longer cut, maybe they use a pony tail to hide it but it’s still there. In fact the pony tail is perfect for the hair toss because all you need do is to untie it and naturally you get the whole hair toss effect without any need to even exert your neck muscles.

For men there’s a whole different thing going on. For a long while it was cool to have long hair, sophisticated to have a decent amount of hair, odd to have clipped hair and a bit sad to be bald.

But something interesting has been happening over the last few years. I think the key trend is that the ad executives who have been in charge since advertising became properly professional have reached middle age. They’ve reached middle age and have started losing their hair. Suddenly having very short hair is cool. Hair so short that a small bald patch is hardly noticeable. This may not be a coincidence.

Now over this time I have resisted all calls of a change in hair style. Before my cousins told me I needed to grow my hair if I wanted to look cool. And now I should be cutting it shorter.

There doesn’t seem to be much that’s sensible about hair.

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