A star, said Steve.

“There it is again.”
“What? What am I looking for?” Melchior was upset, he had just been having a particularly nice dream about a hand-maiden that he had in his employ when Steve had woken him. He spoke again, he put an upset tone into his voice, “What, am, I, looking, for?”
“A star,” said Steve.

That was it for Melchior. “I know it’s a star you blithering idiot. If you wake me up in the middle of the night, thrust a telescope in my hand and tell me to look at the sky I’m not going to think it’s a mongoose am I?”
“Am I?”
“It could have been a comet.” These words had not come from the cowering Steve but had come in fact from behind Melichor completely. It was Balthazar.

“Stop messing around with that poor boy and concentrate on the matter at hand.” Balthazar swooped into the tower. Steve thanked his lucky stars and then stopped when he realised how much trouble that pun would get him in from Melichor. By this point Balthazar had glid* his way across the room to the observation point. With a swift flick of the wrist his telescopic telescope extended to it’s full length. He looked through it and announced “Steve is right. A star is born. We shall follow it. It is moving to it’s appointed place. When it reaches there a child will be born. That child will be the king of kings.”

Melichor on hearing this drew himself up and said, “this truly is a great day. I am with you Balthazar. We shall go and worship this infant child.”

Steve slowly put his hand up. “What is it now?” asked Balthazar.

“Well I’ve been making some calculations and it turns out that in fact stars are balls of fire that are millions of miles away. Even the closest one takes four to get its light here. So if we go and anoint some child that’s born there when the star gets to its resting point we’ll have the wrong one. We’ll have to work out how far away it is and then find who was born there that long ago. And it could be thousands of years ago.”

“Shut up Steve,” pointed out Melichor.
“Well said Melichor,” added Balthazar, “lets go and find Gaspar”.
“Yes, I always thought he had a better name anyway.”

*To quote Eddie Izzard, “you try and decline the verb to glide”.

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