So there’s conversation. Ah the sitcom.

When watching sitcoms on tv with your partner you will, from time to time, find yourself reacting very strangely to a joke. It’s the jokes about sex.

There really isn’t enough sex feedback in the world. And by this I do not mean that there are certain positions which after a loud wail will keep going forever. There isn’t enough, after the fact analysis. I mean most shops have customer feedback forms. And while I’ll assume most readers aren’t paying for sex certainly a form would be handy. Forms is great because it means you don’t have to have any of those embarrassing conversations. But on the other hand we can probably assume that the presence of forms in a relationship is probably a sign that something is wrong.

So there’s conversation. Well that’s out.

So what else do we have? Ah the sitcom.

If you were to watch a couple watching a sitcom exactly at the moment that a joke about, say, premature ejaculation had been told. You will notice very clearly that any guys are pretending to laugh.

Now these same goys would laugh at the same joke if their partners weren’t there. And they would be happily laughing at all of those other guys out there who suffer from that problem and are therefore not like them in any way.

But with the partner in the room they’re thinking, “How much are they laughing” and “Is it a knowing laugh”.

And women, I’m sure, are doing this too. And the question is what the hell are we doing? Why don’t we just ask?

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