Bob… Great Sir.

“Listen Bob, I have a head cold, I have a man down the street making chainsaw noises, and I’m running out of time. So don’t make me add you to this list of complaints at the next meeting.”
“Yes sir. Okay… Um the figures for this week are looking… Sir, I have to ask…”
“Is he just making the chainsaw noises with his mouth or ..?”
“Sir, it’s just on my mind now and I’m not sure I’ll be able to fully concentrate on this presentation until this is all, you know, cleared up.”
“Well okay.”
“Great Sir. You’re not going to regret this.”
“I didn’t know how the sound was being produced. I could just hear a sound. It could have been a motorcycle revving for all I know so I simply said that somebody was making the same sound as a chainsaw so in case it wasn’t a chainsaw I would still be covered.”
“What? You mean you don’t know? You couldn’t look out of the window to check?”
“I did look but it was out of sight from that window.”
“Out of sight of the window? Sir, with all due respect, there are other windows.”
“Bob! You’re now on my list.”
“Yes sir, okay… Ummm… The number for this week look very promising… sir?”
“I noticed that the guy with the chainsaw noises wasn’t names in your list. Is that general policy or..?”
“I didn’t know who he was Bob.”
“I see. Maybe we should get back to these numbers?”
“Yes. Maybe we should.”

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