Hmmm. Well…

“Tony is sitting there, no… by the bar. He’s got that coat on. And he’s got two drinks. A pint and a measure of something clear.”
“Oh yea,” Stephen says, “I see him.”
“Well,” says Sarah – regretting the subject ever came up, “we used to go out… I guess.”
“You guess?” replies Steve, “what does that mean?”
“Well, we went on a few exploratory dates. I was never sure if we were going out or not.”
“You went out. If you go out, then surely, you’re going out?”
“No way.”
“Well then. Explain it to me.”
“Well let me ask you this. Are we going out?”
“Hmmm. Well…”
“Well exactly.”
“But we just met.”
“So? By your definition we’re out, therefore we’re going out.”
“But. There should be an amendment.”
“Yeah. You know. A sub-clause.”
“Of what?”
“Well, if you’re on a first date it shouldn’t count.”
“But what about this then?”
“Well be quiet for a sec while I explain.”

Stephen suddenly realised he like the way that Sarah had said “sec”. He was quiet. She went on.

“Well what about if you met for something else? Say like just something, but not a party, and then you decided to just go on to dinner?”
“Hmmm. You met ‘out’.”
“But then you stay out. You don’t ever go out.”
“That’s a puzzler.”
“Well. Yes.”
“So it that what happened between you and Tony?”
“Yeah. Sorta.”
“Okay. We met in the car park picking up our kids and we got chatting. A common friend who hadn’t revealed that she knew both of us showed up and started chatting too. We got her to take our kids with her and we went to dinner.”

There was suddenly a lot of silence at the table.”

“What? What’s up.”
“Oh. I just didn’t realise you had kids.”

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