Today we rejoin our exciting cool guy who we last saw cycling off into the sunset. (See: Peace reined and Rule Britannia was playing on his inner monologue.). In fact that’s where we last saw him last time too, perhaps that’s becoming a theme?

He was cycling uphill and it was hard work so he didn’t have any time of independent thought. But after a bit it flattened out, and after a bit further it started to go downhill.

Downhill, he decided was a good thing. While he slowly picked up pace by sheer force of gravity he thought o himself about his name.

It would have to be really, really cool. James Bond was named after an ornithologist. Which, based on the number of dates he went on, was probably a good name.

But part of the cool part of the name was that it was nice and short. Yes something like Sebastian Peregrine Foss Wortherington would be a little bit too long.

But what should he pick? He looked off into the distance and he could see the sea. Ah, she sells, sea shells, on the sea shore. That was it. Shaw! That could be his surname.

He could be Steve Shaw.

Steve Shaw, general cool guy. And secret stealth spy.

But we’ll leave Steve now as he, you guessed it, cycles off into the sunset.

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