Now I’m not discounting the corset theory.

Have you ever wondered why it was that people, chiefly women, used to faint all the time but don’t seem to any more? No. You probably haven’t because you’ve probably assumed that it was something to do with corsets. Women used to wear corsets and apparently whenever they got excited it would mean that they couldn’t get enough oxygen and that was it.

But was it? Really? I think it was something else and I think that something else was Narcolepsy.

The most common thing to cause Narcoleptics to go to sleep is shock. And suddenly falling asleep looks remarkably like fainting. Especially if nobody knew what Narcolepsy was.

Now in my extensive research for writing this article I was sitting in somebody’s flat when they fell asleep. They were watching television and it was late so I thought nothing of it. However when they awoke they told me that this was something that happened often to them and that they never usually felt tired before it happened. So I started asking around and all the people who I asked who were women complained that they usually didn’t feel tired before they fell asleep on the couch but all the men said that they usually only fell asleep on the sofa after they had felt tired for a while.

Now I’m not discounting the corset theory. I just think there might have been additional factors at work. Although whether they were NarcoZzzzzzzz.

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