Stephie journal – Day 11

I wake on Saturday morning and surprisingly my first thought is towards work. It’s really started to hit me that Barbara has left now. There’s a new girl in her place, Joanna, but it isn’t the same. Barbara was my rock, and this new one isn’t even a pebble. I’m sure over time she may make her way up the geological scale a tad, but she’ll never out Barbara Barbara.

Barbara was my assistant when I joined so I suppose I learned as much from her as she did from me. I’m sure that would have happened with anyone who was in the post, but we gelled as friends and soon enough we had a little gang at the centre of things who could get everything done. Shame to see it break up, but such is life I suppose, she had the most incredible offer and I couldn’t stand in her way.

I hate being reasonable sometimes.


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