Stephie Journal – Day 2

I went to a wonderful party last night with work colleagues. One of them is leaving, I’m sad about that but I’m not ready to write about it yet. One chap there kept going on about resilience, I suppose people have since the war, but I wish it wasn’t so. We all need to bend a bit more than we did back then, not everyone is right all of the time, can’t be, stands to reason. Despite absolute patent logic he kept banging on about resilience this, resilience that. I told him that we must have a lot of resilience he didn’t know about.
“How so,” he asked?
“To put up with you,” I answered.
One advantage of being the boss is that they do have to listen to you. The boys ragged on him a bit, which I’m sure was as much about being cut down to size by a woman, as that it was a good line. He’ll be plotting against me again before too long.

Probably drank too much, but had a good time. I got home and decided not to make the carrot cake as planned, might have set the house on fire. I was so tired. Work was a bit of a wash out today, lots to do for the new edition and everyone was a bit flat after the party. Hey-ho, nobody likes it if they can’t have fun sometimes.


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