Hi, I’m Ivan Reitman

I haven’t got a recorded message on my mobile phone voicemail; I just have the standard lady giving the standard message. And I was asked the other day if I’d ever had a personalised message.

I don’t think I’ve ever had one on my mobile, but I certainly did on my landline. There were a series of them from films, and one which just said, “Hi, I’m Ivan Reitman”.

Reitman was the director of Ghostbusters (and a number of other films) and the Ghostbusters directors commentary was a firm favourite in our house – imagine how much spare time we had that we used to rewatch directors commentaries! This was before I met Katherine.

The first line of the commentary was Reitman introducing himself, and somehow it just sounded so funny to our ears that it immediately became our answer phone message.

This was, of course, an absolutely hopeless answering message as nobody, other than us, knew who it was, or what was going on. So people would hang up or worse, leave odd messages thinking they were talking to somebody called Ivan.

Luckily I managed to knock that habit on the head a while ago, but now for some reason I still don’t record my own message. I’m not sure I can say why not, I just haven’t.

The unexamined life is not worth living said Socrates, but perhaps, in this case, some things are best just left?

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