Linguine, cabbage and pancetta

Not all of my recipes feature linguine and pancetta, it just so happens that my first two do.

This recipe is similarly quick to the other one and is just as tasty and surely the cabbage is good for you?

Ingredients for 2 people
A glug extra virgin olive oil
1 clove garlic
Half a head of cabbage
Some cubed pancetta (70g or whatever one of those small packs are)
120g Linguine
Quite a bit of Parmesan
Chilli flakes
Black Pepper
Half a lemon

If you compare this to the other recipe ,you will notice the only difference is cabbage for tomatoes and the addition of a lemon.

Mainly this is the same method as the previous recipe but obviously with chopping a half a head of cabbage into small bits instead of chopping tomatoes in half.

Put half a pan of water on to boil. The pasta is going to go in the bottom of this pan with the cabbage on top in a steamer. If that isn’t going to work from a size point of view, put two pans of water on.

The pasta normally takes about 10-12 minutes (but do whatever the packet tells you) with six minutes to go, pop the steamer on top with your cabbage in it.

Put your oil into a wok or frying pan and add the pancetta, garlic, black pepper and chilli flakes. And cook for about 4 minutes. Once everything is ready, pour the pasta water through the cabbage in the steamer using it as a colander. This adds to the taste and saves on the washing up at the same time. Now mix the cabbage and linguine into the wok with the pancetta and oil. Squeeze in the lemon and mix (try to avoid getting the pips in). And then grate Parmesan on top. I find it’s significantly better to add the lemon and mix first.

And serve.

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