Artist in Training – Part 3

After a brief break – heh – this is the third post in the continuing series where I attempt to get better at art. This time I have two pieces to show you, and of course a video. This was actually done in 2012 so it has taken a while for me to get this online, but it’s the 11th anniversary of this blog today so I thought I better put something up. I actually have some brand new stuff coming, I wonder if I can post it sooner than with a 2 year gap?

I decided to paint / draw* Nelson’s column and the scene around it in Trafalgar Square.


Having drawn this I decided to add a person in the foreground, I decided to hive off the picture into a copy so that I could easily go back if it didn’t work.
Here’s the picture with the person added.


I’m still not sure if the man is the right thing to have added, but I think the composition without the man is certainly missing something from the foreground. Interestingly when I tweeted this picture some people thought the man was walking towards the viewer and some away, any thoughts?

Here’s the video

* This is really getting annoying now isn’t it. I might just say paint, would that be ok?

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