What’s the deal with this gamboling blog then anyway?

“What’s the deal with this gamboling blog then anyway?”

So yes, on and off for many years I have periodically updated this blog in fits and bursts. Sometimes I have written a new piece every day including weekends. Sometimes I haven’t. Not all of the archive is still in place due to a problem, and eventually I will go back and fix this, but I’ve been saying that for a while.

“So is gamboling back?”

Well I’ve probably said that over the years more times than I would care to remember.

“But this time is different right?”

Um, probably not. I mean I’ll stop again, but that’s what you want really – how on earth could I keep you interested if I wasn’t interested?

“Ok, so not different?”

Well a little different. This time I have built up a buffer. So if I don’t write anything at all from the point that I publish this post you’ll have a month of stuff, not a month of every day stuff but a month of stuff with enough frequency you might be able to keep up, but that it doesn’t seem sporadic.

“So why not just publish one of these things instead of writing a thing about why you haven’t written anything?”

YOU AREN’T THE BOSS OF ME! No I didn’t mean that. Well I thought I better explain what was going on.

“Ok, so you’re back, what kind of gamboling phase is this going to be?”

The mixed bag phase, with features, articles, fiction. Things like “Reasons to be Cheerful”, and the question for the comments will be back. There will be none of the ponderous thought pieces and more of the silly stuff. The cool thing is that there are ideas and features I’m really excited to introduce you to, and that hasn’t happened for a while.

“So when is this first article coming, why don’t you publish it already?”

It’ll be here in a an hour. It might already be here, if you haven’t been madly refreshing this semi-dormant site every five minutes for a year just in case something is published.

Hope you enjoy it,


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