Reasons to be cheerful – Part 3

Well Ian Dury sang a song called Reasons to be cheerful – Part 3 so it’s only fitting that he leads us off with today’s reason to be cheerful.

I’ve always liked this song especially because it mentions Woody Allen in it. I think the reason that Woody gets mentioned is for the scene in Manhattan where Woody is upset and then reminds himself of all of the reasons he shouldn’t be so upset. He asks, “so why is life worth living” and then proceeds to mention the reasons.

These are both big parts of the inspiration for this series so here’s that scene to look at too:

It’s one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies (Manhattan). I love that movie, so there’s another reason to be cheerful!

2 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful – Part 3

  1. Nick Ollivere says:

    And one should append to this the (probable) inspiration for Woody Allen’s scene: the poem ‘Beautiful Lofty Things’ by W B Yeats, which similarly ends with an image of the woman he loved (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on here before?).

  2. I’m pretty sure you have, but I can’t find anything since the move to WordPress.

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