24 hour framing

Many years ago I came into possession of a signed picture of Terry Farrell. Terry played a character in the Star Trek series Deep Space Nine. I had actually interviewed her on the telephone earlier that year and asked her such probing questions as, “What’s your favourite drink?”. It was Diet Coke, for reference.

But now I had this picture that clearly needed protecting. The best way to do that would be to frame it. But I had a problem, it was already 9 o’clock at night. What to do… Well actually it wasn’t that much of a problem, I lived right in central London. Zone 1 baby! Round the corner from my place was a 24-hour framers. Man, they have everything in London.

I headed out. And then I learned that the 24 hours represents how long the framing would take rather than the opening times. Honestly! Don’t they realise that people need things framing round the clock? We don’t want to wait!

3 thoughts on “24 hour framing

  1. Lou says:

    you mean… there isn’t somewhere in london that frames things 24hrs a day? 😦

  2. Igor says:

    It was probably my fault… I remember sayng that they were 24 hour framers giving the (false) impression that they would be open… But in reality I knew that they were not.

    Sorry for the lifelong distress…

  3. kris says:

    “Terry” is a boy’s name.

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