Optiplex superhero

When casting about for something to write for the site I tend to scan through my notebook. Today I was a bit surprised to find this nugget:

Optiplex superhero without superpowers except he can shoot yellow beams out of his eyes. Controlled experiment with eyepatch. Doesn’t light things up – useless in dark. Placebo effect.

I mean… What on earth is that about? I think an Optiplex is actually a kind of Dell computer. But beyond that? I’ve got no idea.

3 thoughts on “Optiplex superhero

  1. Lukeh says:

    If Brian Blessed was a superhero, I’m pretty sure this would be pretty close to his official description.

  2. fourstar says:

    Post-pub vendor meeting?

  3. poppy says:

    That is the definition of perplexing…..had you been on the absinthe?

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