Alternative Alliteration

So alliteration is roughly when a serious of words start with the same letter or sound (or the first sylabul does but there are several definitions). But you get the idea: Alex almost alliteratively articulated.

When something is alliterative in speech I like to mention it. But I would like to make a change to the accepted language. I would like the first letter of alliterative to be fungible. What I mean is that I would like to change the first letter to whatever the alliterative letter has been.

So say somebody said, “can’t cancel, can’t confirm Calum.”
You would respond, “Gosh that was clliterative.”

Who’s with me? Nobody… Oh.

4 thoughts on “Alternative Alliteration

  1. fourstar says:

    Fourstar fully feels forementioned fungilbility fruitful.

  2. I think alliteration, as a form of consonance, should be a repetition of the same consonant cluster before the first vowel, such as ‘he was a brilliantly bright man’. This isn’t all that it can be, so maybe we should call it ‘pure alliteration’, or something.

    As for changing the initial, I think you chose an unfortunate example with ‘c’, but it could work….

    (Not sure how it slipped past, but it should be ‘syllable’.)

  3. (Not sure how it slipped past, but it should be ’syllable’.)

    I should never fly without an editor. Katherine was too sick to sub sadly.

  4. Steven Roy says:

    Surely you will run into problems whe you reach I. Is that not going to confuse people. You could compliment some for their illiteration and they may think you are calling them illiterate.

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