Liar liar pants on fire

So Thursdays on Gamboling are generally archive days, but today we have a very special one. I have been writing Gamboling since 2003 and in that time I am sure the same themes have come up time and time again. But the other day, when casting about for an article to write, I settled on the idea of writing an article about the strange time I got recognised at the Waterstone’s after having bought a book 18 months earlier. It was published yesterday: A beautiful mind

All the time that I was writing the article, I had a very strange sense of deja-vu and so after I was finished, I searched for it on my site and, sure enough, I had already written the story back in 2004. I decided that the best, most interesting, option would be for me to not read the old article until after I had published this new one. So I have only just this morning read the old article from 2004. Both were written some time after the event which I guess was around 1997 and then “some time later” as my two articles argue about how much later it was. This time 18 months, last time 3 years!!! There are quite a few differences in the two stories, so which one is right? Well, we’ll have to get local historian Nick Ollivere to tell us the answer to that one.

So am I a liar? I don’t think so. But you can easily see in this instance how much the fiction writer in me influences even the articles. Both times, I am completely assured of the facts and the dialogue is very precise reported speech. I don’t assume that people really think it’s word for word accurate, but how will you feel to find that it could be this inaccurate?

Check out the original article: Mathematical Biography and let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Liar liar pants on fire

  1. Amy says:



  2. rubbergoat says:

    This is a shameful rehash of GMM Proportions πŸ˜‰

    Nah, seriously, it’s interesting how the mind changes things – I am sure some of the yarns I have spun have become intertwined with new threads over the years…


  3. kris says:

    Are you seriously expecting it to be some kind of revelation that you are a big fat liar with your pants permanently on fire?

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