A good car game

So you know what it’s like: you and your sibling are sitting in the back seat of your parents’ car and you are looking for a game to play. Well I have just the thing. I realise that this isn’t necessarily relevant for my core audience, but if I am introspective for a moment, I have to admit that I didn’t really get into this blog business to be relevant to anyone.

So let me explain what you’ll need to play the game. First you need to persuade your parents to buy a Land Rover. It has to be one of those ones with the bench seats in the back, the kind that mean you are facing your sibling. You probably can’t make those kind of seats anymore so it’ll have to be a second hand Land Rover. Meet me in the next paragraph when you have that sorted.

Right, so you have the car. Now sit opposite your sibling. Here’s the back story: You and your brother or sister are part of an elite task force that is set to guard the vehicle you are in. The Land Rover contains some special-magic-expensive-stuff and you need to keep it safe.

But the only problem is that you work for the government so there are certain rules. You can’t just randomly shoot people. They have to fire the first shot – got that? Good.

All of the of the other cars have had lazer guns fitted into their indicator lights. When they start firing at you, the lights will flash on and off and you must retaliate by shooting back with your hand gun. If you shoot sucessfully then they will fly right off the road. Generally on the side which they were shooting from, probably because that was where you concentrated your heaviest fire.

Now there is one other occasion when you shouldn’t shoot. You do have a forcefield and a superbomb on your land rover. These may be deployed by your parents. They will indicate that they are deploying one or another through the use of indicator lights on your car. If they indicate on the same side as where the car is shooting you from then, obviously, they are deploying the forcefield. If they are indicating on the other side then they are deploying the superbomb that might take out several cars at the same time. On this occasion you can shoot as well but obviously the main damage will be done by the superbomb.

Anyway, my brother and I whiled away many a drive with this classic game. Hope you find these instructions useful.

2 thoughts on “A good car game

  1. Igor says:

    I wondered what it was that was going on in the back… If only I had known when to deploy the ‘retractor beam’ or ‘stoplights’ to entrap any enemies so that they could be dealt with by the ‘guns’. Of course there were always the forward facing lasers (headlights) for the ones that got past, they could have been blasted into another blogosphere…

  2. I think those cars must be illegal by now. I remember driving in one as one of the wheels flew past the window. The driver didn’t notice because the car is so stable, even on three wheels.

    Anyway, I did have a similar game using the windscreen wipers, window buttons and locks, but I wasn’t clever enough to tie it into cars turning off the road. I think what you forgot to mention is that both you and your sibling need to be boys. Girls don’t tend to like imaginary shoot ’em up games.

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