Bands on the run

Thursdays are archive day on Gamboling at the moment. Time to unearth something…

In the time I have been writing Gamboling, I have managed to write a few gig reviews. I have tended to review the smaller gigs I’ve been to, and sometimes I’ve even remembered to review the music too. So I have been trawling the archives to see what I can find.

From 2004, we have Bugfly. Bugfly didn’t last (my friend from the band is now in Lonely Weekend – ), but don’t let that put you off:

From 2005, we have Goldfrapp. I think Goldfrapp might be the biggest gig I have reviewed so far –

Also from 2005, we have The Spinto Band. The Spinto Band are still going. They got signed on the night I wrote my review. And they have two albums out now. And they feature Kazoos. What’s not to like?

It would appear that I didn’t review any gigs in 2006. But in 2007, I reviewed two bands (Rick Witter and The Dukes, and Mother Black Cap [No longer going]) in one gig and in two parts: and

And they’re all the gigs I’ve reviewed. I really meant to write a review about Idlewild when I saw them, I took lots of notes and everything. But… erm… I forgot!

One thought on “Bands on the run

  1. fourstar says:

    That's made me go back and listen to "Year Of The Rat" again. Great song! But you may have been right about them, nothing since 2008…

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