What is your favorite "at home" phrase?

This is the third in our series of questions for you in the comments, so let me introduce the idea. I’ll ask you a question, like today’s, “What is your favourite ‘at home’ phrase?” and you either answer in the comments or on your own blog and drop a link to the post. So that’s the theory, let’s kick it off…


What is your favorite “at home” phrase?

What I mean is those phrases that you’ve been using since you were a kid (or have come about more recently) that make perfect sense to you until you take them out into the open of the real world and you discover that nobody knows what you are talking about.

Here’s my answer:

I have rather a lot of these, and I’m not sure I have a favourite, but I suppose the one I use most is probably “That’s a bit Charlie from my school”. I have a post explaining this one and a few others: http://www.gamboling.co.uk/2009/02/tragedy-of-self-mong.html

So what is your favorite “at home” phrase?

3 thoughts on “What is your favorite "at home" phrase?

  1. RubberGoat says:

    In my house, quite a few as Mrs. Goat doesn't know many English phrases (they don't teach those in lessons).However, she has had a lot of fun at my expense with the Danish ones ;)I guess if I had to pick one or two from my school they would be "taters" (see you later) or "you riders" (an exclamation of something good happening)…

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    I wonder how the derivation of "you riders" works. Sounds a strange phrase.

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