Making Friends

There are lots of great things about the iPhone. The killer feature is the internet access. The fact that you can really actually browse the internet on the move is a huge thing. Like the mobile phone before it, this is such a huge feature that people don’t know they need it before they get it, and once they have it, could never go back.

But that isn’t the feature people talk about. The feature that people interrupt me to talk to me about is the ability to watch TV shows on the train. It’s really simple to get a TV show onto your iPhone. I have Friends and The IT Crowd on mine and there’s plenty of room for whole series. You don’t need a TV screen larger than the one on the iPhone to watch these kinds of shows. It works great. Once, when I was watching Friends, I heard two people talking next to me about how, having seen that, they were going to get iPhones. And on two separate occasions, people have asked me how difficult it is to get shows on there. And the answer is – it’s simple.

Come for the TV shows, stay for the internet.

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