Travel website idea

Okay so this is the dumbest thing I could possibly do, but I’m probably never going to make my millions from a web startup. So I’ll give you my idea here.

Here are the facts:
I like to go on holiday
I don’t have any children

So travel websites don’t work for me

Why not?

Because it doesn’t matter when I go on holiday at all.*

I also don’t really know where I want to go on holiday.

What I want, and there must be other people like me, is to be able to say:

“I would like to go on holiday in the next three months, I want the average temperature to be between 25 and 35, I would like to be on holiday for around a week and to have at least 9 interesting museums / art exhibitions / monuments so I can do something each day and have the illusion of choice. One of the points of interest should be a modern art gallery. We won’t go there but it’s good to know that it is there. I would like my hotel to have wifi and to be nice but not fancy. I want to have a choice of fancy restaurants but also know that there are enough at the lower end that are decent – so I can eat for the rest of the week once I’ve been to the fancy one.”

The point is I don’t want a package holiday. I don’t want you to sell me that experience. I want you to show me all of the places that fit those criteria. And then rank them by price or number of fancy restaurant choices or whatever I want to rank them by.

All of this informaion exists in guide books, and in theory a travel agent in a shop might know this. But you want me to talk to somebody? Urgh!

But I don’t know where to go on holiday and don’t mind when. Go to any travel website and look for a holiday. If you don’t know the start or end date you can’t start. What do you mean you don’t know where you are going?

You can, of course, browse but you can’t search. All of the existing travel websites fail because they work based on the easiest way to present the data out of the database. They don’t represent the way that everyone actually thinks when they decide to go on holiday.

Come on – tell me it already exists and I’ve missed it.

* As long as it’s not during the Formula 1 season, obviously.

6 thoughts on “Travel website idea

  1. mr. c. says:

    +1i want *exactly* this service too.

  2. Igor says:

    Well, now it's three of us that want this…

  3. Alex Andronov says:

    Fourstar said that he wasn't sure he would use the site because he usually knows where he's going. But that would work on this site too. It would let you know when it would be cheaper to go. And it would allow you to trade off between say weather and price.

  4. fourstar says:

    I realise now that I am in the minority! How odd. I also realise that I don't actually decide where I go on holiday :)My problem with this initially was the sheer volume of holiday/flight data but of course you don't bring that back until you've narrowed it down a lot using the criteria. So yes, solve that initial decision-assisting process, prior to flight/hotel selection, but not forcibly driven by 'when' or 'where'.The old-style travel agents will hate it 🙂

  5. kris says:

    I am unconvinced. I think maybe you have found the entire market.It's a nice idea, but really, wouldn't most people in this niche be cash-rich, time-poor? And wouldn't it make more sense for those people to speak for ten minutes to a proper travel agent, who knows stuff about stuff?

  6. fourstar says:

    But they don't, they are really trying to sell you the holidays for which they are on the most commission.And talking to people is so last century.

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