Go for odd

I know what you’re thinking. Imagine if, as well as reading whatever crazy thing comes across my mind, you could also see and hear me. Sounds unreasonably excessive, doesn’t it? But you know what they say about the Internet: somewhere, out there, is an audience for everything and nobody knows that they are a dog.*

So just in case that aphorism is accurate, I have created a new site – goforodd.com.

Go For Odd is different to Gamboling. Here I tend to talk about things that have happened to me or about writing and actual fiction and all that stuff. Go For Odd is primarily going to be about talking to interesting people about odd things in their lives and recording it. Imagine it like Panorama but with jokes.

Anyway it sort of explains itself over there on the site, so if you’re interested, head over there and subscribe.

Don’t worry – I won’t forget gamboling. [I’m not worried! – Ed.]

* I may have got that slightly wrong.

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