A novel idea

Sorry for the lack of updates on here I have been working furiously on my novel. I am closing in on the end and at this point I am desperate to finish the first draft. This has, perhaps unsurprisingly, led to a bit of a gap on here. I had been planning to fill it but I don’t think I can. So I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with me talking about writing.

So how’s that going? Well a couple of weeks ago I realised that based on my structure I had about 60 A4 pages left to go (around 30 thousand words).

And I decided that 2 pages a day was about do-able. And so I decided to write 2 pages a day. Even on the first day I only managed 1 page. But the idea was to slay the monster over the thirty days – on average.

I have been posting my updates about the previous day on Twitter (@alexandronov) and if you want to check in please do. The main point though is that because I’m posting the update every morning I’m having to face up to what I have or haven’t done. It has been hugely helpful. As has my friend Kris who has been replying to a seperate e-mail with great words of encouragement (a hard line to walk because if you’re sycophantic I’d believe it wouldn’t matter what I did, but too tough and I’d give up too).

So anyway that’s the story and here’s the graph.

One thought on “A novel idea

  1. RubberGoat says:

    Oooooh using graphs to make your point – I like šŸ˜‰

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