Cakes in the cheese fridge

Katherine and I have enjoyed the restaurant Domali in Crystal Palace. It’s got good food, but it’s vegetarian – which is clearly wrong. We don’t really go for the food though, we are much more interested in the Happy Hour cocktails.

They have a “Dark and Stormy”* which Katherine is particularly partial to. I do mix things up quite a bit, I am always interested to see what options they have. However I don’t see this as a venue for the constant cocktails game…

Joe and I invented the constant cocktails game one time in a Giraffe on the South Bank (near the National Theatre in case you are interested in the actual scene of the crime). We had been going to a recording of the television programme QI on my birthday. Katherine hadn’t been able to come sadly. I had got the tickets for the two of us. Joe had stood in at the last minute. The night before my birthday there had been an unexpected football match. Apparently in European football things can happen that result in matches that you don’t expect to happen or something. And the Arsenal had had one more match than they expected to have – or something.

Alan Davis is an Arsenal fan of football and so they cancelled the recording of the show the night before my birthday. This meant that all of the friends of the show and hangers on and so on didn’t get to go. So all of them were given free tickets to the next night. This meant that we didn’t have a hope of going on my birthday. There were simply too many hangers on. Joe and I decided that we needed to turn those frowns upside down. And that the best way to do this was with a cocktail or five. So we headed to Giraffe.

The problem, we discovered quite quickly, is that cocktails actually come quite slowly. They involve a lot of shaking it, moving it and making it. I knew we shouldn’t have ordered a pair of Zigazigahs. So I made a bold suggestion to Joe. Why don’t we order the next cocktail with the person who brings us this one. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We did it. I didn’t realise I was starting a trend, but 10 cocktails later we knew we were on to a good thing. That is the constant cocktails game.

…Back at Domali Katherine and I ordered a pair of Dark and Stormies. They arrive, we order another pair. Maybe it is a constant cocktails venue after all. I drain mine and leave Katherine nursing hers. I need the loo. It’s upstairs. On the way I spot a fridge. It has a sign written on it which says, “Cakes in cheese fridge”. The fridge is unplugged and miles away from the bar. You imagine the situation… The fridge doesn’t work and so they move the cakes to the cheese fridge. They write a sign. All efficient. Then somebody says, “lets order a new fridge”. The new fridge comes, it’s installed, it starts to perform its fridgely function of keeping the cakes at the ideal temperature. And somebody says, “what do we do with the old one?”

* Dark rum and ginger beer, with lime juice, if you want to make one.

2 thoughts on “Cakes in the cheese fridge

  1. Bassano Clapper says:

    Ha ha, like itBTW, I still owe you a Black Sambucca Chilli Mojito

  2. Igor says:

    Many many years ago at the Cambridge University Graduate Centre there were regular ‘Sherry Parties’ early on a Saturday evening. The idea was that all those socially backward graduates researching, studying, teaching and generally toiling away all week would be able to take a break, mingle and socialise with like-minded others. Of course sherry was served to help oil the conversation.So the first time we went, we paid our entrance fee, a token amount, took our dainty little sherry glasses, mingled, socialised and had a refill or three of sherry. I think this would now be called pre-loading as it was cheap and quite alcoholic. Off we then went to the Bath Hotel or Eagle to have our usual evening in the pub… First problem was what do you drink after sherry? Well the answer was certainly not sherry at pub prices, no, it had to be beer, it was just the first one that took some getting down…So what’s the point of the tale, well after another sherry party or two a couple of things happened, firstly there was a larger group of us going, perhaps six or eight and secondly we noticed that none of the serving ladies seemed to have the slightest interest in how many sherries you had… this of course had turned the event into a ‘serious value’ proposition.So the format was, turn up, get your glass of sherry and join our group, first one to finish his sherry goes and gets his glass refilled plus sherries for the rest of the group in fresh glasses, return to group distribute sherries place empty glasses on tray. You guessed it … first one to finish takes empty glasses and gets them refilled… cycle continues until party ends.I suppose we could have called it ‘constant sherries’, but I seem to have a strange memory loss…

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