Three Tic Tacs

Imagine the situation. A person kindly offers you a tic tac. Normally when this happens you get two tic tacs and then you can chew one on each side of your mouth like a normal person. If they, for some strange reason, offer only one you can generally ask for a second without too much bother.

But what if you get given three? Now you can’t really ask for a fourth they are likely to accuse you of sheer unmitigated greed. And you can’t give one back that seems ungrateful.

But you clearly can’t eat an odd number of tic tacs. So what to do? I’m considering carrying a spare packet of tic tacs just in case such an incident occurs. So I can provide the extra one. The only problem is getting the spare out of your pocket and in to your mouth without the giver seeing. You wouldn’t want them to notice. Because then people would know how crazy you are. And you really want to save that for your blog.

So what would you do if you were given three tic tacs?

Is this a covert way of saying you want more of my tic tacs? You could just ask me, you know. I already know you’re crazy. – Ed

7 thoughts on “Three Tic Tacs

  1. Christine says:

    You could carry an empty Tic Tac box and keep the spare until the next time you are offered three.Add that spare to the original spare and you’ve got two.Of course, it depends how often the situation occurs. You don’t want to have a new Tic Tac and a three year old Tic Tac together.That would just be weird.

  2. Steven Roy says:

    As I see it there are three options.1. Accidentally drop one of the tic tacs on the floor2 Refuse all offers of tic tacs on the off chance that the person is strange enough to give you an odd number3. Put the third one under your tongue which is my prefered option.

  3. fourstar says:

    Are they orange or mint? Details, man.

  4. Alex Andronov says:

    @ChristinePerhaps you could date the Tic Tacs as you put them into the spare box like you do with eggs and then have a regular audit?@StevenThe under the tounge thing is worrying because it suggests that 3 might be the correct number. That would be weird.@fourstarSo far only mint. You raise an interesting point though. What if you were offered a mixed set of colours. They do have pre mixed packets for sale. *shudders*

  5. Pete says:

    Not being a mint fanatic (apart from in that oh so refreshing cocktail the mojito- which I especially enjoy with a large squeeze of fresh lime. I also like mint in toothpaste (I had bubblegum flavoured toothpaste once and it didn’t agree with my morning routine)) I do however like sport so I would probably place the third tic tac on a small piece of bluetac and flick it with my middle finger as if it were a minute rugby ball aiming for the eyes of the stupid person who gave me the mints. Pete

  6. kris says:

    Bubblegum is not a flavour.Anyway, so Steven Roy has it right, of course – that is pretty much what the tongue is for. As well as one other thing, which I won’t mention here of course.

  7. kris says:

    I thought of another way, which, come ot think of it, is probably what I would do. I don’t often eat tic-tacs, which is why it didn’t come to me sooner.Put one each side, and the third one you swap back and forth, ensuring that it spends exatly equal time on each side.

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