How heavy are your pans?

An idea for a television show…

TV’s Chico goes into “celebrities” houses and uses their scales to weigh a selection of pans. Their frying pan, their saucepan and a surprising pan relevant to the celeb (eg. a wok for Ken Hom, a skillet for Michael Fish, etc). Back in the studio a set of “celebrities” judge who’s pans they are from the gamut of stars. Here’s the twist (as if this wasn’t enough) one of them is the “star” in question. They will be embarrassed not to identify their own pans. The studio segment will be presented by Stephen Fry (geddit?).

3 thoughts on “How heavy are your pans?

  1. fourstar says:

    You know what the critics will do, don’t you?

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    Maybe we should call the show “Panned by the critics” to pre-empt the whole situation. Or do we have better show names?

  3. fourstar says:

    “Griddle”(I know, sometimes I amaze even myself.)

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