Excuses Excuses

The most terrifying thing you can admit is that most things are your own fault. Things happen around you, but really if they bother you then it’s your fault. If nothing changes then it’s you who caused that. It’s terrifying, but boy is it empowering on the other side.

You can do anything, all you normally have to do is stop being so bloody British and ask. It’s you who dictates what you do. It’s you who perceives the way people react to you.

Remember you’re not stuck where you are. You could today, right now, with the help of an effectively non-existent credit check system, leave the country and never come back. You are choosing to be here every day. And the reason you stayed today is because…

One thought on “Excuses Excuses

  1. Nick Ollivère says:

    Indeed. I remember at school someone had written over the bar: ‘the responsibility of freedom is terrifying’. I don’t know who said it, but I’m guessing it was Sartre, whose short stories and plays you’d probably like (if you haven’t already read them).P.S. this is sort of what my PhD is about.

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