For the wrong reasons

I’ve been engaged for some three years. And every so often Katherine and I talk about getting married. There are a number of reasons for getting married, but one thing occurred to me the other day – and I realised after I thought of it that it was perhaps the most stupid reason for getting married ever considered.

To make the point, we’ve been going out for five years (Is this right – Ed?) and we’ve been engaged for three of those.

Driving back from Birmingham the other day there was somebody on the radio talking to a listener and they asked that most innocuous of questions “so how long have you been married then”? And I thought, “hey, what if they’d been going out for ages first, surely that should be taken into account?”. And then I thought, “maybe we should get married soon, because otherwise years from now people we don’t know might think we haven’t been together that long because we’ve been disproportionately not-married for such a long time in our relationship?” And then I remembered – that’s the kind of thing that people consider “a bad reason”.

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