The author Alex Andronov

Something very exciting happened by accident the other day. I wrote a comment on a post on the very interesting film blog “SHADDOWPLAY” and David Cairns, who writes the blog, decided to follow up on the post and in doing so he referred to me as “author Alex Andronov“.

Apart from the nice alliteration, I think it is the first time I’ve been referred to as an author by somebody I don’t know. I know it shouldn’t be that important but along with receiving my first royalty payment it was hugely significant to me. I loved the feeling. This might just be a giant ego trip for me, but I can live with that.

2 thoughts on “The author Alex Andronov

  1. David C says:

    Always happy to spread a little joy! Anyhow, I calls it as I sees it.

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    Well I guess it’s true. It was just something I hadn’t thought of! So thanks very much.

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