Buy the Book of the Blog

There is a copy of my book in my hands.* It’s one of the most exciting moments in my life. Thanks for everyone who helped especially last minute heroics from Adrian who got the copy to me before I flew to Rome. However if you feel like you were unable to help thus far and still want a piece of the action then why not buy a copy online. It’s available direct from the publisher now, but will be available on Amazon shortly.

It’s a collection of some of the short stories from the blog. Go on! You know you want to be able to point to a book on your shelves and say “someone I know wrote that”. That’s the kind of thing that impresses some people. People, having seen that you own this book, might even declare their undying love for you and offer to kiss you, and more! That’s the power of this book. I’d want to have that kind of help in my life but I don’t need to worry because I already have a copy. Let me know how your life is working out without it or even better buy the book and let me know what you think!

*Not while I’m writing this of course that would be tricky. It’s a metaphor.**

**Of course I could have been using speech recognition to write this***

***But I wasn’t.

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