Reverse thumbsucking

Antonia has mentioned sucking one’s thumb over on her blog and I couldn’t help but remember why I had stopped.

My parents despaired of me sucking my thumb when I was a lad. But then one of their friends came over to dinner. Completely unprompted by my parents he noticed that I was sucking my thumb and he sidled over to me.

He said, “hey I see you’re sucking your thumb – that’s pretty cool”.

And after ages of my parents telling me that it was the devil’s work my immediate thought was “yes, this is pretty cool”. We connected immediately.

Then he said, “I wish I could still do that”.

Which I have to admit made me feel a little nervous, what possible reason could there be for not sucking your thumb other than because “your parents want you to”?

So I asked, “why can’t you”?

And he said, “well I don’t want to go completely bald do I”?

And I never sucked my thumb again. Thanks Fred.

2 thoughts on “Reverse thumbsucking

  1. Andy says:

    That’s sheer class. I only stopped because I chopped the tip of my thumb off and it was no fun sucking a bandage for 6 months.At this point it’s worth pointing out, I guess, that it was an accident rather than an extreme tactic for stopping thumbsucking.

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    Chopping off the tip of your thumb does sound a bit more extreme than your average putting mustard nail polish on!Andy I think you should tell us all what you were doing when you lost the tip of your thumb – especailly if it can take the form of a kind of cautionary tale.

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