Sarah – Part 2

[This is Part 2 of 4 in the 4 part short story Sarah. If you’re interested then you may want to read Part 1 first.]

As she looked up and saw him she could see… he was beautiful. Not rugged or handsome but beautiful. He had an aquiline nose and blonde, slightly longer than regulation, hair. It rustled in front of her as he bent towards her, and seemed to frame a halo above him.

“Who are you?”, she asked.

“Oh,” he said, slightly straightening back up, “my name is Steven Shaw”.

“That sounds like a name out of an adventure book”

“It does rather, doesn’t it? Well I think I’m on the right track then”.

“What do you mean?,” Sarah asked.

“Well adventuring is kind of what I do,” he paused for a second as though realising the lack of sense he might be making but then added, “for a living”, which didn’t really help.

Sarah pushed herself up off of her back and supported herself on her arms. She looked at him for a bit and wondered what she made of him. She decided to push on rather than telling him to get lost.

“What are you doing here?”

“I live here when I’m not travelling. Well, not here in this field, but just down the hill. So what do you do?”

“I… I… I don’t seem to do much of anything.”


“Nothing much.”

Sarah wondered why she had said that. She had suddenly felt what she did was less important somehow. That what she did was somehow less than what?

“How can you be an adventurer?,” she asked, “they don’t exist.”

“They do in your book,” he gestured to where it lay beside Sarah.

She looked down at it, it had been well-loved and was slightly frayed at the edges. It looked really pretty folded open, sitting in amongst the blades of grass. She wished she had had her camera with her. She looked up at the man suddenly remembering something. He had a Polaroid camera slung round his neck.

“Do you think you could take a picture of my book in the grass? It looks so lovely lying there.”

“Of course,” he replied and he quickly crouched down beside her to get close enough to take the picture.

Sarah could smell his scent now which was a delicate mix of sandalwood and musk. He carefully took the picture and the click-wurr action of the camera did the rest. He carefully held the emerging picture with one hand while letting the camera fall back to his side with the other. He passed the picture to her. She waved it vaguely in the warm air. Then she looked at it. It really had captured the colours well. She picked up her book and placed the photograph in between the pages making it into an impromptu book mark.

She looked back up at him. She could see, now that she was this close, that his bright blue eyes were flecked with grey.

“So how can you be an adventurer?”

He held out his hand and said, “let me explain in the pub”.

She looked around. Until he had mentioned anything she had felt utterly content. But now she realised that she was actually quite thirsty. “Okay,” she said, “but where?”

“Don’t worry,” he replied while helping her up, “follow me”.

Check back next Friday for part 3.

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