Fridge in the garden

We have a fridge in the garden. And one day it will be dealt with. It’s not supposed to be there, it’s not like a crazy outdoor beer fridge although that would be great obviously. No this is the clapped out old fridge which we put in the garden when we got the dishwasher. The fridge came with our house and was already broken when we moved in. And obviously I know it wouldn’t take too long to deal with it.It shouldn’t do.

As this picture shows I spent my weekend filming for the Sofa F1 review of the British Grand prix, oh and watching the grand prix and the qualifying, and the womans tennis final and Die Hard 4.0 at the cinema.

Lets just say that Katherine is very, very understanding. And I love her very much for that.

One thought on “Fridge in the garden

  1. elliewellie says:

    I’m familiar with the concept…like father, like son…

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