The ultimate English Breakfast

The ultimate English Breakfast is a difficult thing to do right. I had an English breakfast this morning, and on the menu it didn’t mention bacon. So I ended up having to ask for the full English Breakfast with Bacon. It turned out that it was just a misprint. But it’s a problem that exists. At motorway service stations they have a full English breakfast which actually has 2 sausages but only one rasher of bacon. Surely you want to have that the other way round. Surely you must!

Sausages are lovely. And good bacon is fantastic but surely everyone must agree that there is move variation between good sausages than there is between good and bad bacon? Surely everyone must see that. And if you don’t see that then you haven’t had a Ludlow Sausage (or a home-made sausage). Great bacon tastes better than okay bacon (is there bad bacon?) but it’s a matter of a slight improvement. Lovely if you can get it, but not the be all and end all. Sadly most sausages are pretty terrible. It’s only when you have a proper sausage from an independent butcher or actually Sainsburys. Taste the Difference are very good when you suddenly realise the difference. The difference is such that you automatically vow never to have a bad sausage again. Bad sausages are such horrible things, whereas poor bacon is there or thereabouts. That’s why bacon is more important than sausage in the Ultimate English Breakfast. It’s simply more consistent.

2 thoughts on “The ultimate English Breakfast

  1. Sozzages says:

    But surely you must work on being less repetitive in the construction of your dialogue. Surely you must?

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    Surely I should!

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