The pain train

There were two major train related grievences that I managed to miss off of my previous rant on the matter. Both of them relate to MP3 players.

The first is obviously the tinny racket that seems to travel an incredible distance. I’m actually writing this while standing on a train platform. Nobody else is on my platform (maybe I smell, or am on the wrong platform)* and I can actually hear this guy’s player from the other platform. That’s crazy. It’s as bad as second hand smoking.

The second is a subset of these loud MP3 listeners and it’s people who are listening to their music so loud that they can’t hear that their phone is ringing. Now that’s annoying.

A solution suddenly occured to me the other day. It was inspired by something Derrin Brown said. He was talking about how people don’t like others to come and sit next to them on the train. Most people look up and scowl if they want to discourage others from sitting next to them. Derrin suggested that the best way to discourage somebody was to look at them with a nice big welcoming smile and then gently stroke the seat they’re aiming at. They’ll soon get the idea.

This idea works on a similar basis. You start gently rocking in time to the music the other person is listening too, and then when the chorus kicks in start mouthing along to the words. They’ll soon realise you can hear all and turn it down. You can even add a fake grumpy look at the end to signify that you’re upset that they’ve turned their music down. I’m sure it’d work.

*Note I was actually fine. There must be less demand for my direction at this time in the morning.

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