Scorching – Part 4

[This is the final part of the 4 part story Scorching. If you’re interested in that kind of thing then you may want to check out parts one, two and three before you read this.]

Steven put down his beer and turned himself over onto his back. He knew that he was supposed to towel off the sweat when you turn over. But he couldn’t be bothered today. Apparently it meant you got an uneven tan. But he couldn’t be bothered today. Today he didn’t have time for it, he was playing catch-up.

He’d had to spend all morning with the police telling them what had happened. He’d told them the truth. All of the truth. And they’d believed him. They had even understood why he hadn’t come straight to them. They too were men. They too had often thought, when they saw x x x that they would do anything to know her. He had had to spend the day, and the night with her. He made promise after promise to her while they ate, drank and made love. And yet there was no way he was not going to tell the police about the dead body in the master bedroom.

Steven turned slightly onto his side so that he could drink some more of his beer. The slightest breeze caught his chest and made a shiver run down his back. He was transported in his mind back to England. Cold rainy England. He didn’t want to go back there.

He wasn’t sure what to tell people. The real reason sounded like a laddish lie and so he thought about telling people that the reason he turned Gloria in was because he feared having to go back to England. That he feared being deported.

He thought it sounded better than the truth. That it sounded more reasonable than the reality. The real reason he had turned her in is that despite many attempts to improve things, almost all of the previous day and night had been spent trying. Gloria was singularly crap in bed.

Steven lay back down on the sun lounger and used the chair in exactly the way that the name suggested, he lounged in the sun.

He couldn’t shake one thought from his mind, “and people thought I was going to grow up”.

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