Mind the Gap

Astute observers of this blog may have noticed a slight delay over the long weekend with the publication of the second half of my gig review. I do apologise of course. The problem was reality creeping in to the mix. I think that that gap might have been the longest since I started my second attempt at regular posting. I’ve back filled to atone of course.

When gamboling first started it was self published with a tool I’d created myself. It was annoying and difficult to publish anything and so there were often huge gaps where nothing got published. The old site is still available over there on the left under “Older Archive”.

Then after one long almost six month break I signed up for Blogger and tentatively started going again. Initially I did this on a seperate site but then I moved the blog back to it’s rightful home. Finally at the begining of the year I moved up to seven days a week. By gradulally stepping up the pace it’s just about been possible to keep up.

So what about the delay? Well weirdly the most difficult thing for me and writing are three day weekends. They almost always mean that something is happening on the weekend for a start (like I’m away or like this weekend when we had houseguests) and in May this year we’ve had three. I know everyone else has had two but I had to go away and climb a mountain remember. And all of that throws the whole delicate balance off track. Add to that the fact that the formula one season’s been in full swing and so I’m posting pretty regularly over on SofaF1 and you’ll see that I’ve been pretty stretched.

Do I mind? Well it annoys me whenever it happens. So it’s fortunate that it doesn’t happen too often. But on the other hand if I wasn’t out in the world experiencing things then I wouldn’t have anything new to write about. At least despite the 555 posts I’ve written in the last 3 and 3/4 years I haven’t run out of inspiration. I’d be much more upset about that.

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