Temperature rising?

So my last post on temperature clearly created a bit of a buzz. Literally one phone call came flooding in from my father on the weekend. He’d been talking with a friend about the scale and this friend had pointed out a very good point. He explained that he understood what was happening at 0 and 100 degrees. But what about in the middle, was 50 degrees hot or cold or average?

Actually 50 degrees would be 18.9 degrees Celsius, which would be a bit cool. The average / recommended office temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. So it has been suggested, and now ratified by the committee that we move 50 degrees to be equivalent to 22 degrees. This moves 100 degrees Andronov to be equivalent to 111 Fahrenheit which is also reasonably easy to remember.

The good thing about this is that 100 degrees Andronov really means boiling day now. 111 Fahrenheit is really really hot, 0 is a Freezing Day by definition – there is frost on the ground. But most importantly 50 is comfortable. Anything warmer than 50 is warm, anything less than 50 is cool.

Here’s the handy table again with the new definition. And the conversion rate to Andronov from Celsius: A = C * 2.27272727

  K C F A
Absolute Zero 0.0 -273.2 -459.7 -620.8
Freezing 273.2 0.0 32.0 0.0
Normal Temperature 295.2 22.0 71.6 50.0
Body Temperature 310.2 37.0 98.6 84.1
100 F 310.9 37.8 100.0 85.9
Boiling Day 317.2 44.0 111.2 100.0
Boiling Water 373.2 100.0 212.0 227.3

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