The question is simple

If you feel the need for a creator to explain everything why don’t you need to explain the creation of the creator? God was begotten not made they say, you’re passing the buck I say.

People ask me what happened before the big bang. And I can tell them, time didn’t exist before the big bang so there isn’t a before the big bang for anything to happen in.

If we’re alone in the universe then what is the point people ask me. Well personally the idea that people are still moral without God is the biggest excitement of all. We have created this paternal figure to hand down judgement upon up because the idea that we might actually be in charge is too scary to comprehend. But the fact is we actually are in charge, and so to pretend otherwise now is even more scary. The world needs us to think more. We can no longer rely on the greatest minds of 2000 years ago. Now we must admit: Daddy’s dead, it’s time to grow up.

One thought on “The question is simple

  1. Nick Ollivère says:

    I guess the problem is that faith isn’t reason, and can never be reasoned. You can’t argue someone out of their belief in God, because it isn’t an argument to them. Thus the question ‘who created the creator?’ doesn’t mean anything to them, because it’s only posited in terms of reason, not faith. However, you can argue them out of believing in religion, or church, or the bible etc, all of which are man-made.

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