A man buys a parrot

But discovers too late that it is extremely foul-mouthed and bad-tempered. The bird keeps shouting obscenities at the man, who is forces to lock it in his garden shed to try and shut it up. This does work, and he can still hear the filthy-mouthed bird from the house. In desperation the man retrieved the parrot and shuts t in a cupboard, but the bird still keeps screaming at hi, and now the neighbours are starting to complain about the noise. As a last resort the man shelves the parrot into the fridge. Miraculously the parrot suddenly shuts up , so the man takes the bird out of the fridge and puts it back on its perch The parrot then apologizes for its appalling behaviour and asks to be forgiven. ‘That’s okay,’ says the man, ‘As long as you don’t do it again.”

“I won’t,” says the parrot, casting a nervous eye at the fridge. “By the way… what did the chicken do?”

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