A meeting in the park

Two men are sitting on a bench in the park on an incredibly hot summers day. They are both wearing woollen suits and sunglasses. They even have the kind of hair that screams, “we are secret service operatives doing something dodgy”.

There is no sign that of contact between the two of them. The suggestion being that these two people wearing identically inappropriate clothing just happened to sit down next to each other. They have a newspaper sitting between them, the one who didn’t put it down will pick it up before walking off. But before any of that can happen a single red balloon goes floating past them both.

They both break they’re thousand yard stares they’ve been practicing and look at it float gently past. The one closest to it jumps out of his seat and goes after it. It’s floated a reasonable distance away by the time he’s able to catch it. But when he does he doesn’t head back to the bench. He just starts walking away.

Suddenly the seated suit jumps up, “Er, Simon, you’ve forgotten your paper.”

“No Jonathan,” says the balloon carrying Simon, “it’s your turn to take the paper today”.

“Oh sorry,” says Jonathan, “getting up and taking the paper. It was that balloon, it completely distracted me.”

“Yes,” says Simon, looking rather quizzically up at the balloon he is holding, “me too”.

“Shall we try the museum tomorrow?”

“Fewer balloons”

“And less hot.”

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