Deaf for this post

One of the greatest advances in technology is texting on mobile phones. I have, in the past, spoken about how such a thing came about (which is a great story too so please check it out). But the best thing about texting is that it has normalised the deaf in a way that nobody planned. It has made it possible to do so many things that previously they only dreamed of.

And then I saw this video and I can’t believe it, what a great thing. Kerrang have an hour of signed video for the deaf. If this is anything to go by then it must be genius must watch telly:

One thought on “Deaf for this post

  1. Nick Ollivère says:

    I followed the link to your old post, and what is really funny is what you say in one of the footnotes: ‘There really is very little reason to have more than one phone’.

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